Famous Personalities

Mahaveer Kshetra, Daspalla bears the foot prints of a number of famous personalities. Some of them are the following.

  • Bhakta Charan Das – The famous devotee and writer Bhakta Charan Das lived here at village Madhyakhanda for some time where he had started his famous book “Mathura Mangal”.
  • Kabi Jadumani – The celebrated humorist poet Jadumani Mahapatra had spent his childhood here at Daspalla , had his love and married here too. He has composed so many verses here.
  • Fakir Mohan Senapati – The legendary personality Fakir Mohan Senapati was serving here as dewan of Raja Chaitanya Bhanj Deo. Here he had written his famous “Dhulia Baba” story and many more.
  • Gobind Mishra – The great freedom fighter Gobind Chandra Mishra, the first Odia to reach Sabarmati Ashram was born and brought up here. He was called as the 5th son of Mahatma Gandhi. He is the person who had introduced Gopabandhu to Gandhiji. He was writer of 6 books and had been M.P. to Rajyasabha once.
  • Rama Chandra Mishra– Rama Chandra Mishra is the legendary dramatist of this place. He has written 33 nos. of dramas like Abhiman, Mulia, Ghara Sansar, Norattam Das Kahe, Bhai-Bhauj, Mantri yuga etc. He is one of the Dramatist Trio of the Golden age of Odia Drama. Bhanja Kishore Pattanaik,
    Rama Chandra Mishra and Gopal Chhotaray have given a new look to odia drama.

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