Places of Interest

Some fine and fantastic places are here which attract hundreds of people every year. Among them the following are important.

  • Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary – The Satakosia wildlife sanctuary is a tiger reserve. It attracts the nature lovers to experience the Flora and Fauna of Daspalla amidst deep dense forest with numerous trees, herbs and creepers. Tiger, elephant, deer, spotted deer, bison, hare, jackal, wolf, leopard, peacock , parrot , maina etc. are common.
  • Kuanaria Dam – A medium Irrigation Project has been built on the river Kuanaria just 7 Kms away from Daspalla town. It is the largest river dam of Nayagarh district and a very good picnic spot with a deer park. Irrigation I.B., Wildlife I.B. and RWSS I.B. are here for short stay of the visitors.
  • Mahaveer Khol – Mahaveer Khol, a small hill at the north of Daspalla is believed to be the original place of God Mahaveer. Swapna Mahaveer is being worshipped here since 1983. It is a fine religious place as well as a very good spot for picnic and for visit. A 3 days long Jajna is being held here every year during Bisub Sankranti where thousands of people gather.
  • Bhimara – It is a fine place for rock trekking. Generally people gather here in the month of Kartik for a visit. It is believed that Bhim the 2nd Pandav was here for some days. So the grand rock bears the foot prints of Bhim and named as Bhimara.


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