Lankapodi Yatra

The very term ‘yatra’ is said to be the indigenous word of Odisha. Literally ‘ Yatra’ means Festival. In India there are hundreds of Festivals. Most of them are known as ‘Mela’ like ‘Kumbha mela’. But in Odisha Mela term is rarely used. Instead we find Rath Yatra (Car Festival), Dola Yatra (Dola Festival), Hori Yatra (Holi Festival), Dasahara Yatra (Dashahara Festival), Danda Yatra (Danda Festival) Makar Yatra, Jagar Yatra, Thakurani Yatra and so on. Among such Yatras or Festivals Lankapodi Yatra or Lankapodi Festival of Daspalla is centuries old and is considered as the 3rd oldest yatra of its kind after Rath Yatra (Car Festival) and Dola Yatra (Dola Festival). Like other Yatras of the state this Lankapodi Yatra too has its root linked with religious faiths and performed in honour of God Reghunath and Mahaveer of Mahaveer Kshetra, Daspalla.

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